We are thrilled to offer Consciously created products from small businesses whose mission is aligned with ours.

Especially during this difficult time in our world, small businesses need your support!

By choosing to purchase your apparel, artwork, gifts, and other unique treasures from Surya Yoga, you will be helping your yoga studio to stay alive and also helping other small business that have created these wonderful products.

Let Surya Yoga be your new Hallmark! We offer a wide variety of amazing greeting cards for every occasion!

Let Surya Yoga be your easy stop for Small Batch, Organic Dog Cookies! Your pups will LOVE them!

Let Surya Yoga help you create sacred space at home with our yoga-inspired hand-made artwork, lotus tea lights, and wide variety of incense.

Find Lavender Infused Raw Honey for your tea or an Organic Flaxseed and Lavender Eye Pillow for Savasana!

Decorate your water thermos with Yoga and Earth Inspired Stickers!

Read your child a new book…we carry the sweetest series of Mindful Children’s Books written by respected author Lauren Grabois Fischer!

Delight in our handmade bracelets and Moon Malas!

We carry Kind Lips Organic Chapsticks in 6 different flavors and every purchase includes a donation towards Anti-Bullying campaigns.

We carry Therapy Dough…(the perfect unique gift) and every purchase includes a donation towards the Wounded Warrior Project!